The Ultimate Alfresco Team’s Favourite Festive Season Songs

The Ultimate Alfresco Team’s Favourite Festive Season Songs

This festive season we asked our Ultimate Alfresco team what their favourite festive songs were. They have been kind enough to share them. 


Letitia Awdjew  

Letitia Awdjew – Alfresco Specialist

The First Noel is one of my favourites as it tells the true story of Christmas and reminds me of beautiful choirs, church organs and cute Christmas pageants.


Shane Laverty  

Shane Laverty, Building Supervisor

Australian Jingle Bells. Asto why I like it, have a listen, it speaks for itself.


Catherine Gorupic  

Catherine Gorupic, Projects Manager

Well I’m boring – but it’s definitely Jingle Bells.

It’s the best happiest Christmas carol and reminds me off all the good Christmas movies


Georgia Dulhunty, Customer Service

There are so many good ones but “Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree” (Brenda Lee version) is a classic!

It’s very upbeat and I remember performing it at school, haha!

Max Grimmond  

Max Grimmond, Managing Director

Max likes so many songs he simply can’t decide which one is his favourite! 

Andrea Grimmond  

Andrea Grimmond, Director of Business

Hahaha! I really like that one Shane! 

Here is mine: Boney M – Mary’s Boy Child Jesus Christ, because everyone can sing to it.


Whatever your favourite festive song is we hope you enjoy singing it this month. 

Wishing you a safe and happy festive season, and a happy New Year.


Christmas baubles to inspire your alfresco festive season decorating

Christmas baubles to inspire your alfresco festive season decorating

Whether you’re a traditionalist who loves all things red and green, or you prefer a modern and minimal design, these Christmas decoration inspirations are sure to bring on the alfresco festive spirit. 

Whether you have a patio, pergola, deck or outdoor room, we hope they inspire decorating your outdoor area this festive season.

For further inspiration, head to our 2016 article, Five tips for decorating your alfresco space this Christmas

Do you need help creating your perfect outdoor space?  

If you would like to discuss how to create a beautiful outdoor area designed specifically for you and your lifestyle, contact Letitia today. 

Project of the Month December 2018

Project of the Month December 2018


Our client wanted mottled sun and full ventilation of their outdoor area whilst creating a more intimate space to take in their views.


We created a slat screen to achieve an elegant look and make the space feel open, yet intimate. Our client can still see the sky and their views clearly and heat will not get trapped. They also have the option of growing an ornamental grape of similar over it if they choose without worrying if it will deteriorate as the structure is all powder coated.

Project of the Month December 2018 - 1

Project of the Month December 2018 - 2

To discuss your patio, pergola or outdoor living area design options, contact Ultimate Alfresco today.

Choosing your alfresco design

Choosing your alfresco design

Alfresco – room or outdoor area?

Have you ever noticed how alfresco spaces seem to compliment both the inside and the outside of your home?

When it comes down to it, what is alfresco?

It’s a distinctive area that sits on the edge of where the exterior of your home starts and the interior of your home ends.

But does the interior of your home really end? These days alfresco is almost part of your internal living area.

The alfresco room is a must-have in the modern house, and more and more old houses are being extended to include an alfresco room.

Alfresco Room, Louvretec

Why do so many of us love an alfresco room?

Could it be because it suits our climate so much, and therefore gives us many benefits and entertaining options?

Having an alfresco room means that you can entertain more family and friends – using both your internal living areas and having it open out to your alfresco room.

And then there’s the practical side. It’s much easier to clean an alfresco room than a carpeted room, or even a tiled room. Simply get the hose out and voila…your alfresco area is spick and span.

When designing your alfresco room, what should you look for?

We recommend timeless appeal. If you’re building a new home, the alfresco design can be incorporated in the whole of house design.

If you’re extending, then take into account the existing design of your place and go for something that complements.

Consider your lifestyle…

…and what your alfresco will be used for:

  • Do you entertain or prefer quiet time relaxing
  • Will you have children using the space
  • Do you want to utilised your alfresco room all year around
  • Do you prefer light, airy and modern, or perhaps cosy and comfy

At the end of the day, your alfresco area should reflect the environment you want, for your family and friends.

If you would like to know more about any alfresco trends, or discuss your alfresco room design options then feel free to contact us to discuss your alfresco requirements

Four easy tips for entertaining outside

Four easy tips for entertaining outside

The warm weather has arrived, which means moving your entertainment outside.

To make the most of your alfresco entertaining, here are four easy tips to help you and your guests enjoy your alfresco area.

1. Keeping the bugs away

Outdoor entertaining is part of the Australian culture, and battling the flies and mosquitos can sometimes be a challenge.

A great tip is to spray your tables or tablecloths or placemats with a bug repellent before setting your table.

Then, include in your table setting mix of non-scented candles and citronella candles. This adds ambiance as well as keeping those pesky mosquitoes and flies away.

Turning your glassware upside down until your guests use them is great for not ending up with any surprise beasties in your drink.

2. Prepare early and keep it simple

Alfresco entertaining is about enjoying your time with family and friends.

To make sure you minimise your time in the kitchen and maximise your time with your guests, keep your food simple and prepare as much as possible before your party.

A couple of simple (or unusual) salads with our BBQ Salmon Steaks recipe works a treat. Or go for a chilled seafood platter you can prepare beforehand and keep in the fridge until you’re ready to serve. 

3. Don’t forget the drinks!

Greeting your guests with a smile and a glass of their favourite wine or beer puts everyone in a great mood.

Then, while you all relax and enjoy some nibbles, have an ice bucket in the center of your alfresco lounging area where everyone can place and easily reach their preferred wine, beer or other beverage.

If you reminisce about the bygone days of the punch, bring out your treasured punchbowl your grandmother gifted you, make a sangria and enjoy the party.


Dance the night away

You can’t beat a really good playlist.

Music makes for a memorable party. Whether it’s…

  • background music as you discuss the important issues of life
  • listening to Dave tell his “stuck in an elephant umbrella stand” story for the zillionth time
  • clearing the tables to dance under your disco ball…

Know your crowd and pick the appropriate music – after all, you really don’t want the baby elephant walk playing when you want to disco!

Entertaining tips

If you need to create an outdoor area that you can entertain guests with ease, contact us to discuss your alfresco requirements