Five reasons to add a deck to your alfresco area

Five reasons to add a deck to your alfresco area

If you are thinking of upgrading your home, adding a beautiful outdoor deck is a popular option.

There are a number of great benefits associated with adding a new deck and we share five reasons why you might consider adding a deck to your alfresco.

five reasons to add a deck - a place to entertain


1. A Place to Entertain

A deck is a great way to add space for entertaining. Whether you are having a BBQ, a kid’s party, or even just a casual gathering of friends, you deck will work as a great place to host.

To maximize your hosting opportunities, we recommend, where possible, building your deck near your kitchen. Or consider adding an outdoor kitchen space on your deck.


2. Increases Your Home Value

Perhaps one of the best benefits of a deck is how it can increase your home’s value.

Dependent upon the real estate market, you can usually increase the overall value of your home by more than the cost of building the deck. And, a deck may deliver a better return on your investment than other home additions, like a living room, or extra bathroom.

3. Quick to Build

Decks can be completed in a relatively short time. It is important to make sure your deck meets Council requirements, and this is something we take care of for you if you build your alfresco area with us.

five reasons to add a deck - aesthetic4. Aesthetic Appeal

Adding a deck is an easy way to make your home more visually appealing and can add a different dimension to your front or backyard. You can stain the wood of the deck to match the color scheme of your house and to make it look natural and appealing.


5. Extra spacefive reasons to add a deck - extra space

If your home is built on a hill or slope, then adding a deck instantly adds extra usable space and makes use of, what can be, otherwise challenging terrain.

Imagine all the variety of outdoor activities a deck will make possible, that you can’t do if you don’t have a flat surface.


If you are considering adding a deck to your outdoor area to enjoy all the benefits a deck will offer, feel free to contact Letitia, our alfresco specialist, for further advice.