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In everything we do we believe in improving peoples lifestyles

At Ultimate Alfresco we want to help you create the kind of lifestyle that leaves behind a few cheeky wine stains.

The Ultimate Alfresco logo represents the memories of great times spent with people you love.

Creating memories for you and your family

Our story is about the kind of nights and weekends spent in a space where you can relax, chill out, and forget the stresses of the week with family and friends. Warm autumn nights or hot summer days. Dinner and drinks with friends and family. Shared meals, great conversations and lots of laughter.

The simple wine stain represents these fabulous moments.

The moments that bring people together, to reconnect, to rejuvenate and to enjoy the simple things in life.

To ensure that your alfresco living area creates fabulous life-long memories like this for you and your family we invest the time up front into truly listen to what is most important to you.

It means so much more

We love designing and creating. Yet, it means so much more to us when we see the smile on your face. When we really impress you with the alfresco living and outdoor dining area that you will continue to love for years to come.

Many of our past clients have mentioned to us that they found our open and honest communication style refreshing. Our team is focused on ‘making it all about you’ to make life easier for you.

Impressions count

Let us impress you so that you can impress your family and friends.

We believe in continually challenging ourselves to create the perfect experience for our clients.

From design to delivery we push ourselves outside of our comfort zone to move ahead; to lead our industry.

All to respect the trust our clients give us when they ask for our help to create their dream alfresco area.

Creating extraordinary outdoor spaces

We drive to deliver the very best quality designs and workmanship in the outdoor entertaining areas that we construct.

By creating extraordinary outdoor spaces, we believe we’re helping to improve the lifestyle of our community; one home and one family at a time.

We are passionate about everything we build. We believe that to thrive we must push ourselves to deliver higher quality – in everything that we do. From the style, creativity, and flair in our designs, to our project management skills, through to the building and construction of your alfresco area. We push ourselves to work smarter.

A sense of achievement

There is nothing more we enjoy than getting the opportunity to improve the lifestyle of our clients in a way the means the most to them. It gives us an immense sense achievement when we see their smiles, the pride in their faces and in some cases, even tears of joy.

We work under the guidance of two driving forces. Teamwork and collaboration.

We constantly challenge and champion each other so that we develop as a team. With our growing knowledge, skills, and service we provide our clients with the best service and results possible.

Our desire is to not only make our clients happy, but also to give back to our local community. You’ll often find our team members, supporting, donating and sponsoring local charity groups. And believe that this contribution ensures we give back.

Let’s create some memories together

If you want to know more about how we can help you to realise your alfresco dreams, pick up the phone and get in touch to book your initial design consultation with our alfresco experts. T 02 6040 6555 or send us an email


Shane Laverty
Shane Laverty
Building Manager
Travis Hay
Travis Hay
Sales Director
Letitia Awdjew
Letitia Awdjew
Alfresco Specialist
Max Grimmond
Max Grimmond
Managing Director
Catherine Gorupic
Catherine Gorupic
Projects Manager