Creating an indoor-outdoor room

Creating an indoor-outdoor room

Outdoor areas have changed dramatically over the years to become outdoor rooms with a range of elegant options to suit your home and personal taste.

No longer simply a deck tacked onto the outside of your home, the best alfresco areas are now considered indoor-outdoor rooms.

They have the flexibility to embrace your surrounds when the weather is beautiful and create a cosy nook to relax in when the cooler months arrive.

So what is the secret to a successful outdoor room?

Simply, it is one that seamlessly blends with the indoors and feels like part of your home. Therefore, enclosing an existing alfresco is one way to create your ultimate indoor-outdoor room. 

Benefits of enclosing your alfresco

There are a number of practical benefits to enclosing your alfresco.  Having year-round access is just one of them.

  • It creates an indoor-outdoor room, giving you additional entertaining space
  • No more battling flies, mozzies and other unwanted bugs
  • It is much easier to keep clean and tidy (no leaves, dust etc)
  • You have a better sense of privacy, and can still retain your view
  • You can manage the temperature and air flow
  • Your furry friends have a secure space, without having to access your home
  • You have a range of options available to enclose your alfresco area

Indoor-outdoor room options

You have a number of options available when it comes to enclosing your alfresco area.

The flexibility of your choices can be reliant on upon your budget, existing alfresco design and your alfresco lifestyle.

Some of the options you might like to consider include:

Bi-fold blinds

These can add a level of privacy to your outdoor area

Outdoor sliding shutters

Sliding shutters are great way to control the sun and wind to enjoy your space all year around

Cafe style blinds

Drop-down blinds, like the ones often used by cafe’s, give your patio area protection from the weather. Your alfresco area then becomes a place you can use all year long.

A Louvretec opening roof

An extension built with a Louvretec roof and mesh shade blinds as walls creates climate control on your deck or patio all year around.

If you’re looking turn your alfresco area into an indoor-outdoor room, talk to us about your options. We will work with you to build your dreams.

We don’t want to be the lowest price

We don’t want to be the lowest price

For some people lowest price is the most important thing. However, with lowest price usually comes some sacrifices.

Here at Ultimate Alfresco, we don’t want to be the lowest price and there are several reasons why.

Quality. Style. Elegance

That is the kind of product we design and deliver at Ultimate Alfresco

We take pride in our team of highly valued, dedicated and creative alfresco specialists.

For each project we deliver a genuine, creative and high-quality outdoor room, not only in the delivery of the product but in the customer service delivery from beginning to end.

Our focus is delivering the product, in which you, the customer, can create and craft memories within your home and share with family and friends for many years to come.

We pay attention and listen to how we can deliver the quality product that meets your alfresco dreams.

To be able to deliver such a high-quality product and service, it is important to us to ensure that our business model entails a sustainable delivery component.

So, let’s look a little further as to why we, Ultimate Alfresco, don’t want to be the lowest price and why we value our people, product, service and customers.

Low price materials tend to break… a lot

Think about any purchases you’ve made in the past that you thought you got a good deal on, only to have them break or fail within a year.

This could be anything from clothes, shoes, tools, appliances, or even cars.

Have you ever bought that cheap outdoor chair at the start of the season, only to find it falling apart and weathered by seasons end?

Cheap things are cheap for a reason, plain and simple. Most of the time, corners are cut in production, and cheap isn’t made to last. It can become a cycle of going back to purchase the cheap thing repeatedly because you’re “saving money.”

Do Your Research

Do your research, ask friends and family if they have recommendations or first-hand accounts with the product you’re looking for, and make sure you’re going to get a lot of use out of whatever it is you’re buying. It might not make sense to splurge for quality if you are not going to use it.

One of the most important aspects of our service is that our staff are highly skilled experts in the outdoor area. Their passion for creating a well-designed space to meet your family’s needs is evident in the quality of work produced. Of course, it’s important to still do your research. There are some brands out there that try to present themselves as quality but aren’t.

We encourage you to read our reviews and call and ask us many questions about the process. We operate in a transparent and honest manner. What you see is what you get.

Quality Items Actually Cause You to Spend Less

Most of the time, if you opt for quality items, you’ll pay less overall.

Would you rather spend $1800 a year on a trending fake leather sofa only to find it falling apart after a year and needing replacement or would you rather spend $4000 on a high-quality sofa that will last 10 years or more?

Of course, you need to take a long-term view of your finances. Look back through your purchase history and see how much repeat purchases are costing you. Break down the cost per use when thinking of buying quality to lessen the blow. When you run the numbers, you’ll probably discover quality comes out ahead.

Lose the hassle and headache

Sometimes it is as simple as spending a little more on a better-quality product to save on time, hassle and money.

Do you really want to have to replace items regularly? (think back to that outdoor chair that you purchased at the start of the season.)

It’s tiring, especially if something breaks right after the warranty has expired (that always happens, right?). It just becomes an emotional and mental drain. In other words, a headache that we can do without!

One could argue that if you’re handy, you can repair cheap things or improve it. Yes, that’s true, but is it worth the time and effort? Save your sanity and splurge when it makes sense to do so. It will free up quality time to spend with your family and friends.

No matter how frugal you are, or how much you might want to save money, spending more on quality can be worth it. Don’t just think of the instant savings – think of the savings you’ll experience for years to come!

Feel welcome to contact us at Ultimate Alfresco if you are now ready to execute your dream design of the outdoor area you have always desired. We would be delighted to work with you in creating an elegant and stylish space for your family and friends.


Design inspiration June 2019

Design inspiration June 2019

Ultimate Alfresco Projects

This month’s Ultimate Alfresco Design Inspiration is a look at Outdoor Rooms.

We hope these designs inspire you to create your own outdoor room. 


If you live in the Albury Wodonga region and would like to discuss how to design and create a beautiful patio or pergola for your home, contact us today.

Project of the Month June 2019

Project of the Month June 2019


Our client had a newly constructed home in provincial style. However, when they moved in they realised that they hadn’t fully considered their outdoor entertaining needs and hadn’t designed their alfresco big enough.



The insulated panel solution provided comfort and style, along with the benefit of integrating seamlessly with their existing house. The new alfresco was designed and built with the same colours as the original build. And we also copied the size of posts and beams so the new outdoor space looks like it was always meant to be there.


The clients are now free to extend their living area outdoors and enjoy their beautiful backyard.

To discuss your patio, pergola or outdoor living area design options, contact Ultimate Alfresco today.

Eight Easy Steps to your Ultimate Alfresco – Step 4

Eight Easy Steps to your Ultimate Alfresco – Step 4

Once you are happy with your alfresco design, have signed off on your alfresco drawings and the project plan, (Step 3) then we get out our calculator.

You don’t want any nasty surprises and the only surprises we like to give are good ones. So we provide you with your final investment figure (the dollars) for your project.

During this step, you can still review your designs, even if you have signed off on them. And any final adjustments or tweaks will be incorporated into your final investment price.

Your investment into your alfresco is a fixed price.

This means you know what your investment is going to be, and no unexpected expenses occur.

If you are looking for a team to help you create your dream alfresco area, contact us. We’re here to help you make your outdoor dining and entertainment dream a reality. 

Find out more about the other steps of your Eight Easy Steps to your Ultimate Alfresco. 

Step 1 – Your initial consultation

Step 2 – Your estimated investment

Step 3 – Design decisions