Dream Pergola

Dream Pergola

If you have a garden in your backyard, you’ve probably imagined sitting around, enjoying time with your family and friends, or just relaxing on a beautiful Autumn day enjoying a good book.  

And to make this dream into reality, you need a pergola.

Pergolas are a great solution for areas in your garden. They can provide shade on a sunny day and are also great for creating a beautiful and versatile outdoor space.

So, if you dreaming about adding a pergola to your garden, here are five different types to help you choose your dream pergola.

The LouvreTec Pergola

As official LouvreTec partners, this is one of our favourite options when building pergolas. And we’re sure it will be one of yours too.

A LouvreTec Pergola will offer you a range of different roofing styles for your pergola. LouvreTec also offers fully engineered structural frame systems that are custom designed for your site. A LouvreTec pergola will give you the best of both worlds – offering sun and shade.

The Garden Arbor

garden arbor

A garden arbor can have an operable roof to make it usable in all seasons. Check out our Project of the Month from October 2016 as an example. A garden arbour with operable louvres allows light and breeze control; perfect for our Autumn weather. 

Otherwise, your garden arbor can have a fixed roof that allows sunlight as well as creating shade. 

Pergola with Outdoor Kitchen

If you love entertaining, then having a pergola with an outdoor kitchen would make life very easy for you. For design inspiration for your outdoor kitchen, watch our September 2019 Design Inspiration video.

The Deck Pergola

If you don’t want a covered deck, but still want some shade, adding a pergola over the top of your deck is a great option. Choose a fixed louvre style roof or the more flexible opening roof from LourvreTec

The Stand-alone Pergola

Create an intimate sitting area in the middle of your backyard with a stand-along pergola. You can choose a full-roof option. Or go with a fixed louvre style roof option and plant grapevines, or passionfruit vines to create seasonal shade. This pergola combines the two styles. 

If you are looking for a team to help you create your dream alfresco area, we’re here to help you make your dream pergola a reality. E info@ultimatealfresco.com.au.