Design Inspiration for large outdoor areas

Design Inspiration for your large outdoor area

Do you have a large outdoor area? Are you struggling with design inspiration? Are you wanting to make the most of that space and turn it into something beautiful?

We hope these large patio, pergola and alfresco designs help inspire you. 

If you still need help creating your beautiful outdoor area, here are some tips that may help you

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Design Inspiration – Before and After

Design Inspiration – Before and After

Sometimes it’s hard to see what your patio area could become, which can make coming up with a design or concept challenging.

We hope these before and after alfresco designs help to inspire you.

If you still need help designing your patio or outdoor area, or, if you would like to discuss how to design and create a beautiful space for your alfresco area, contact Letitia today. 

Project of the Month – April 2018

Project of the Month – April 2018

Clear communication ensures a seamless build


In our latest Project of the Month, our client wanted to extend their living area and invest in the outdoors of their fairly new home. The views were already there and they wanted a structure that maximised their surrounds.

With this project, we worked with a pool installer, so clear communication between all involved (and most importantly for our client) was key in delivering a seamless construction process. 


The end result is a truly amazing space and our clients could not be happier. Not only have they connected more with the outdoors, they have found themselves connecting better as a family. They spend time all together enjoying each other’s company. And there is now enough space that they feel like they can relax.

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Project of the Month – March 2018

Project of the Month – March 2018

Small Space Flexibility


Having just purchased a beautiful period home in central Albury our client wanted to put their own spin on it.

They were doing some renovations inside before moving in and, at the same time, wanted to create a space that could be used as both an alfresco area and for more car accommodation.

Making the addition look as seamless as possible with the existing property was very important.


We kept the design simple in order not to detract from the features of the heritage home and made the addition look seamless by matching the bricks and feature colours.

We created a very practical space that can be used for car-parking as well as a flexible patio area. The end result also keeps the design integrity of their home and doesn’t detract from the beauty of the residence.

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Making the most of a small space

Making the most of a small space alfresco

While Australia is renowned for wide open spaces, the reality of our homes doesn’t always reflect that and we often have a smaller outdoor living space. With the modern trend of down-sizing, our backyards have become much smaller and with that, it can be challenging to create an illusion of space.

If you have a patio or pergola area that is on the smaller side there are some things you can do to make it appear bigger.

Here, we share five things that can help you create an illusion of space and maximise your alfresco area.

1. Retractable roofing

A retracting opening roof can open up to 135 degrees and then retracts back leaving approximately 75% open space. So when the weather is perfect you can open up your roof and instantly create a feeling of more space.

2. Frame with seating

frame a small space with seating

When you have limited space, framing the area with built-in seating means you have ready-made seating and plenty of standing room for people to mingle. Adding cushions when needed turns a timber frame into a comfy couch. keep some portable furniture in storage for those occasions where you want to do some sit-down entertaining and invite people over for dinner.

3. Apply a minimalist approach

minimalist approach to small space

Using a minimalist approach and decluttering can create an illusion of space. You can add to the illusion by placing decorative mirrors on your walls (not too many) and use polished steel objects that reflect light for ornamental design. It’s low maintenance but high style

4. Design to scale 

Design a small space to scale

One of the key things that can make your patio area look larger is designing to scale. Choose smaller, fine lined furniture rather than bulky or heavy furniture. And. consider the materials you are using, create contrast and levels of interest by mixing up materials and plants. 

5. Use the Rules of Perspective

small space - use the rules of perspective

Designing the space around the rules of perspective can help make a small area seem larger. The rules of perspective are chiefly that parallel lines appear to converge in the distance and objects then appear smaller than those close by.

For more small space design inspiration, you may enjoy this video

If you have a small outdoor area you would like to convert to a beautiful and useable space, contact us today. We specialise in designing beautiful spaces for your lifestyle.