Boost the appeal of your pergola with climbing plants

Boost the appeal of your pergola with climbing plants

If you are looking to establish a certain kind of character for your garden, consider a pergola with climbing plants.

Pergola designs range from basic, with a clean simple finish, to quite elaborate styles to impressive structures with huge chunky beams and a more solid presence.

Regardless of your preference for your pergola design, you can also enhance its appeal by simply adding climbing plants to complete the overall character you want to achieve in your garden.

How climbing plants boost the appeal of your pergola

A natural canopy

Pergola with climbing plants

Covering your pergola with climbing plants can create a natural canopy, giving the impression that nature has provided a roof above your head. Imagine enjoying lunch with family and friends – lively conversation and laughter – all sitting beneath the greenery of your beautiful pergola.

If you choose a deciduous variety, you can enjoy sunny winter days, relaxing in a comfy outdoor seat in dappled sunlight, enjoying a good book and sipping on a cup of tea (or glass of wine).

Creating colour

Pergola with colourful plants

Most climbing plants produce colourful flowers that, when they bloom, create a spectacular vision of colour. Is there anything lovelier than a pergola covered with beautiful flowers with their intoxicating perfume wafting through a gentle breeze?


There are so many options available when choosing a climbing plant for your pergola. And that means the character of your garden and pergola design is entirely up to you.

Here are four of our favourite climbing plants:


We are all familiar with this one, as it is a very popular climbing plant, used on pergolas all the time. Being a deciduous plant, you have the benefit of sunshine in Winter. And a spectacular canopy and fragrance when it blooms.


Honeysuckle is beautifully fragrant with more than 18 different species and a range of colours. It is hard to go past as a climbing plant.


Bougainvillaea is easy to grow and has over 300 varieties. Also with a variety of colours, it is a natural choice for a climbing plant for your pergola.


Not only does Passionfruit have beautiful flowers, it also provides you with delicious fruit.

If you need help creating your dream pergola, feel free to contact our Alfresco Specialist, Letitia Awdjew.