Latest trends in alfresco design

Latest trends in alfresco design

A popular option in alfresco design to help create an indoor-outdoor feeling, and help manage temperatures are insulated ceilings.

So what does an insulated ceiling give you?

1.    Keep cool in summer

The heat from our Australian sun can be overbearing, even when you’re sitting in the shade.

Having an insulated ceiling is an instant way to reduce radiant heat transfer – in some instances by over 90%*.

If you would like to know more detail on how, check out the technical details over the page, or give Phil a call to discuss, T 0260 406555.

2.    Transform your alfresco area

If you want your alfresco to feel like it is part of your home and create a natural flow from your indoor space to outdoors, having an insulated ceiling can help achieve that.

Alfresco areas often use a vaulted ceiling, which creates a distinctive difference to your indoor rooms (unless they too have vaulted ceilings).

By adding an insulated ceiling that matches the same level as the room (or rooms) leading to your outdoor area, you immediately create a connection between the two.

Want to know the technical details?

At Ultimate Alfresco, we have been using Ceilink insulated ceiling panel system for a number of years. Below are some of the reasons.

∞    Their insulated panel system is quick and easy for us to install, which reduces your costs.

∞    The EPS insulated core of the system reduces radiant heat transfer by over 90%.

∞    The rigid insulated panels are Australian made with a pre-finished white steel ceiling face, insulated core and reflective foil backing.

∞    They have a Group 1 fire rating and great long-term thermal properties.

∞    The panels are 900mm wide and are available in a range of made-to-order lengths.

∞    The specially designed interlocking panels can be mounted under your existing roof, or included as part of your design process.

∞    They are low maintenance and don’t need painting. This means you get to spend more time in your alfresco area relaxing.

If you want to know more about the benefits of an insulated ceiling for your alfresco area, contact Ultimate Alfresco.