Outdoor Winter Living

Outdoor Winter Living 

August in Albury Wodonga and surrounds is renowned for fabulous outdoor Winter living. The crisp mornings followed by beautiful blue winter skies. Above all, is a great time of year to spend outdoors with family and friends.

So why not take advantage of this glorious location and add luxury to your alfresco area. Have you ever imagined having your own luxurious Winter outdoor living space right on your doorstep.

If so, let’s take a look at inspirational ideas on how to create your own welcoming alfresco.


Your dream of having a retreat in your own back yard can be achieved relatively easy. You can even achieve this on budget. For instance, why not incorporate a simple path of stepping stones directed towards a quiet place set in the garden. Similarly a favourite scented tree may be the perfect setting to place a table and chairs.  Either way, you can enjoy a pot of tea in the warm Winter sun.

retreat outdoor

Day Beds + Luxe Fur

Day beds can provide the perfect spot for an afternoon snooze. Fill the day bed with luxe cushions and fluffy blankets. And you have just created yourself a most welcoming position to relax, read your favourite book or simply sip tea.

daybed luxury

However, if you want to add further cosiness, simply enhance with some faux fur and sheepskin rugs. By purposefully draping these over chairs and benches, you create an elegant space. A space that will entice anyone to sit and relax. Or in short, enjoy the luxurious atmosphere and of course your company.

It is important to remember that if the daybed is exposed to the elements, then be sure to consider weatherproof materials. Likewise have a safe store away container for your delicate cushions and blankets.


With careful contemplation of integrating lighting into your outdoor area. You can achieve a dramatic effect.

Imagine the softness of string lights hung from tree to tree. Or choose a selection of pendants carefully positioned to provide a sleek and sophisticated feel. Or perhaps some boho inspired tea light candles twinkling in the evenings.

As a result you are able to provide a wondrous and opulent atmosphere.

You may even consider some practical extra lighting around stairs and eating areas.  As a result these serve dual purpose and create practical and radiant entertaining areas.


To discuss further ideas with our friendly staff please contact Ultimate Alfresco – Albury Wodonga.

Alfresco designs for Albury Wodonga back yards

Alfresco designs for Albury Wodonga back yards

If you are looking at your back yard and planning your outdoor space, it can be hard to imagine how your alfresco will look or how it could even be a part of your home.

Here are three things to consider when starting on the design of your dream alfresco.


Albury Wodonga is growing, with new homes being built every day. Everyone has different sized back yards and different needs when designing and building their home. And that means there is no one size alfresco to fit all.

We have great weather here in Albury Wodonga most of the time. A love for the spending time in your back yard can be influenced by what space you have available to create your ideal alfresco. Getting your alfresco space right means you will be able to manage the amount of light and shade you get throughout the year. And that means being able to take advantage of your alfresco all year round.  

So, when considering your new outdoor area consider your home and the space you have available.


The design of any alfresco for your home has to feel like it is a part of your home and not an afterthought.

This is our where our Alfresco Specialist can help. Letitia has years of industry knowledge and can help you design and create the alfresco of your dreams.

Taking into consideration your wants, location, space, landscaping, and other options are all when designing your alfresco. Having right materials for your alfresco is also an important aspect of your design. The right materials will also mean your outdoor space feels more like it is a part of your home, rather than an add-on.

So, whether you want a patio, pergola, gazebo, deck or an outdoor room, Letitia works with you to create your perfect outdoor area.

back yard alfresco design

Outdoor Furniture

Let’s face it an empty alfresco is not much to look at. The fun begins when you start to add accessories to your alfresco.

Nothing quite brings your own personal touch to the alfresco like your outdoor furniture. Here are  three things may help you furnish your dream alfresco.

Outdoor furniture

An alfresco can really add that finishing touch to your home and back yard. When it comes to design Letitia can help you create an alfresco to complement your home and suit your lifestyle.

If you need help creating your dream alfresco, feel free to contact our Alfresco Specialist, Letitia Awdjew


Design Inspiration for large outdoor areas

Design Inspiration for your large outdoor area

Do you have a large outdoor area? Are you struggling with design inspiration? Are you wanting to make the most of that space and turn it into something beautiful?

We hope these large patio, pergola and alfresco designs help inspire you. 

If you still need help creating your beautiful outdoor area, here are some tips that may help you

Or, if you would like to discuss how to design and create a beautiful space for your smaller alfresco area, contact Letitia today. 

Letitia’s Tips – Design features for large areas

Design features for large areas

If you have a large outdoor area that you want to turn into a beautiful and functional alfresco area, then these design features for large areas may help you.

1. Create different zones

Zoning gives you versatility within your alfresco area. Defining your zones using different materials such as pavers and decking allows each defined space to shine. At the same time zoning allows your whole alfresco area to operate functionally while making everyone feel connected.

2. Shade options

Having a large alfresco area gives you some great shade options. We love the flexibility that louvre opening roofs offer. Or you could use sensor driven opening roofs, glass opening roofs, or blinds to ensure you have the weather, light, and privacy at your command.

3. Outdoor kitchen

If you have a large area, creating an outdoor kitchen is a great addition to your space. These days, you have a large range of outdoor kitchen options to choose from. And that means you don’t have to head in and out of your indoor kitchen once your guests have arrived.

outdoor kitchen

4. Focal point

By creating a focal point into your alfresco area, you draw attention to that point. And this creates an illusion of a more intimate alfresco. Plus it adds a wow’ factor to your home. Your focal point could be a water feature, a feature wall or even a pool. 

5. Lighting

Garden lighting allows you to use all that extra outdoor space in the evenings, and it adds atmosphere. Choose lighting that works with your different zones, or even set out your lighting to create zones. Solar lights are a great option for this. If you have decking, then deck lights are great for lighting up steps and framing the edge.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you turn your outdoor space into a beautiful alfresco area, contact Letitia, our alfresco design specialist.