Modular Living

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Looking to increase the number of rooms your home has, without the painful renovation headaches of an extension? Need more room for… just about anything.
Modular living is a fabulous way to expand the living space of your home. Add an extra room to fit your growing family. Get some quiet time for yourself in your home office and give your family back a bedroom. Or add a detached unit to allow friends and family to spend the night or the summer holidays. Express yourself in your new art studio, or create your own reading room with a library and just escape from the world with a cup of tea.
Let’s work together to make the most out of the space you have on your property.
Looking for an extra bedroom for a growing teenager, or perhaps a ‘close but not too close’ unit for your ageing parents. Perhaps a premium man cave. Modular living delivers an uncomplicated solution for your pressing space problems.
A permanent addition to your home or a holiday style retreat, our modular living units give you the space and the comfort you’d expect with a style and look to match your property.
Adapt, change or add to your home with an extensive range of modular living options. The choice is yours.
We can help you get the most from your new space, with innovative design ideas to ensure storage is abundant, space is maximised and relaxation and entertainment remain the top priority.
Versatile and stylish – we can create a modular living solution for you and your family.
Looking to make modular living part of your reality? Want to sit back and spend your quality time with your friends and family? Looking to take advantage of an unused space on your property. Pick up the phone, get in touch with our team of modular living and alfresco experts, and secure a time to discuss your options.