The Process Details


When it comes to designing your alfresco area, we work side by side with you to guide you through the entire process. We work collaboratively with you through our proven eight-step process to ensure your alfresco area meets all your needs, remains hassle free and is planned thoroughly to ensure no additional costs or hidden fees.
From design to delivery – we work to make your outdoor entertaining dreams come true.


The process of building an alfresco area for your home begins when you book an appointment with us for your initial design consultation. We believe in helping you create the ultimate outdoor area just for you. So in this meeting we listen to your vision, uncover your entertainment and relaxation needs, and discover your alfresco dreams and then tailor our designs to match. We can also guide you through a series of questions to help you along the way. We can help you put into words and then put to paper your grand ideas. We’ll discuss your desired time frame, designs, styles, and budget. We want to capture all of these details with you at the beginning to avoid any confusion down the track. Once these are established, we will visit your home for a consultation session on site.


After going through the initial consultation and property visit, to review your available space, and current style of your home, we will be able to develop a clear understanding of what you would like to see and experience in your alfresco area. Based on that understanding, we will create an estimate of the cost of your project. This will include our building crew, all materials, fees, and any other elements that are required. It would be good to note that we believe in transparency. Any costs that we anticipate being required to create your dream entertainment space, we will make them clear to you.


Now it’s time to put your ideas onto paper. Do you already have designs for your ideal alfresco area? Yes, we can take it from there. Don’t have plans yet? We are always more than happy to provide our clients with professional designs. At this stage we turn your ideas into concept drawings or plans. If we need, or you desire, we can bring your architect into the mix so that your alfresco area integrates perfectly with the design of your home.


After creating the design and concept drawings for your dream alfresco area, we will sit down together and walk you through the plans, to ensure they truly meet your needs. We value your customer experience, and this stage is where we prove that commitment to you. Once you’ve signed off on your alfresco drawings and the project plan we can get out our calculator and provide you with the final costing for your project. During this stage you’ll be involved in signing off your designs, and any final adjustments or tweaks will be incorporated, so that the investment value we share with you is accurate.


We’ll then prepare and provide you with your building contract. You will then have, at hand, all the specifications of your alfresco area, its’ construction and an introduction to the team, so that you will know exactly what you are investing in, and how the project will progress. At this stage a deposit and your signature will be needed to begin your project.


We will process all the local council paperwork regarding your alfresco area. This includes engineering certification, the building application and all legislative requirements, all submitted on your behalf, to save you from the headaches and complexity this step of the process is often known for.
After receiving council approval our building team will begin work, and our project team will be in contact with you in order to keep you informed of their progress. We’ll keep in touch by phone, email or text message – whichever you prefer – we want to make sure you stay notified of the builds’ progress.


After receiving council approval we’ll arrange our building team to begin work. Building materials and other supplies will be delivered to your property and our team will begin turning them you’re your dream alfresco area. Work will continue as per the project plan. Before starting work, if you’re home, they’ll introduce themselves – so that you get to know the team who will be creating your alfresco space.


After completing all of the building, construction and clean up work, we will contact you to arrange an inspection. Our building supervisor will arrange a time with you for a full handover and final check of your alfresco area. We want to make sure that you are absolutely ‘wowed’ by the results and can start enjoying your fabulous future filled with entertainment and relaxation in your new outdoor space.

Looking for a team to help you create your dream alfresco area? We’re here to help you make your outdoor dining and entertainment dreams a reality. Book an appointment with us, and we can begin discussing your alfresco options.