Project of the Month October 2019

Project of the Month

October 2019

Project of the month this October was a team effort to achieve a result our clients are exceptionally happy about.  


Our client had an awkward space adjoining their existing alfresco and the boundary of their property. They didn’t want to block the sun entirely but needed more weather protection to make the space user friendly.


We designed a louvered space that allowed rain and sunshine into their gorgeous fernery. The Louvretec design gave them the coverage for entertaining that they were looking for.

Our exceptional Project Manager worked tirelessly with council applications and obtaining special consideration to allow this project to go ahead.

The Louvretec design is perfect for this space and the client love the result.

A huge team effort with this one.

If you think your alfresco could be something like this, then give us a call. Contact Ultimate Alfresco 


Project of the Month September

Project of the Month

September 2019

Project of the month this September was a delightful experience to be part of. We knew that at the beginning of this project that the results were going to be pure luxury. 



This client already had a structure next to their pool but wasn’t quite sure what to do with the space. They needed relief from the Summer sun but didn’t want to block all of the light and still wanted natural ventilation.



Together we discussed ideas on the best way to achieve shelter from the sun that looked stylish and fitted with the existing modern look. Louvre’s were the perfect solution for this area.


during project of the month september


The Louvre’s fit in perfectly to the style of the newly renovated residence. The colour scheme was also as aspect that seemingly fitted into the look and feel of the existing home to make it look like it has been there all along.

after project of the month september

Our clients couldn’t be happier with the result and are looking forward to spending lots of time by their pool this Summer.

We love to inspire at Ultimate Alfresco and our reward is seeing how much people love their new lifestyle.


If you think you could be our next project of the month  and have an area like this in your backyard ready for Summer 2019/20 then please contact Ultimate Alfresco 



Creating space to celebrate

If you’re looking to create a space to celebrate, a space to relax or a space to entertain then talk to us. We love creating spaces that bring people together.

If you live in the Albury Wodonga region and would like to discuss how to design and create a beautiful patio or pergola for your home, contact us today.

Eight Easy Steps to your Ultimate Alfresco – Step 7

Eight Easy Steps to your Ultimate Alfresco – Step 7

Ready, set, go

When you reach Step 7 it means we have received the council approval.

Building materials and supplies will be delivered to your home.

Prior to beginning, we will ensure that our team will introduce themselves to you. 

Work will continue as per the project plan, and all through the build, we will keep you informed through the entire building progress.

step 7 alfresco

So, if you are looking for a team to help you create your dream alfresco area, contact us. We’re here to help you make your outdoor dining and entertainment dream a reality. 

Find out more about the other steps of your Eight Easy Steps to your Ultimate Alfresco. 

Step 1 – Your initial consultation

Step 2 – Your estimated investment

Step 3 – Design decisions

Step 4 – Investing in your Alfresco

Step 5 – Final design, project plan and investment

Step 6 – Paperwork us – Stress free you 

Insulated Ceiling Alfresco Area

Insulated ceilings…helping keep you comfortable

An insulated ceiling in your alfresco area is the key to staying comfortable all year round.

Insulated ceilings are a clever way to help regulate the temperature in your alfresco area. Additionally these can enhance the feel of an indoor-outdoor atmosphere. And help keep you and your family comfortable!

So how does an insulated ceiling benefit you?

Extends your alfresco area

Alfresco areas with insulated ceilings allow a continuity of ceiling which eludes to a feel of still being indoors. But with the benefits of being outdoors, i.e fresh air and garden scents.

Insulated ceilings can be flat or vaulted. Whichever you decide, both add instant sophistication and elegance to your alfresco room.

Comfortable all year round

The purpose of insulation in a cold climate is to stop the flow of heat out of the room. That’s why it is worth considering an insulated ceiling for your indoor-outdoor room. 

On the other hand, it offers benefits during the warmer months by slowing the rate of heat transfer i.e keeps it cooler.

Ensuring a comfortable temperature all year round will make you more inclined to entertain and relax in your alfresco area.

insulated outdoor ceiling

Technical details for an insulated ceiling

At Ultimate Alfresco, we prefer using Versiclad insulated products.

We use Versiclad because we believe it offers valuable and exceptional products for all our clients. Furthermore we appreciate the technical specifications that accompany each of their products.

For example, see below the specifications for the insulated ceiling panels:

  • Pre-finished, low maintenance ceiling face
  • Up to RT3.3 – high insulation value provides excellent
  • Fire retardant EPS insulated core dramatically reduces radiant heat transfer, mould and condensation
  • Unsupported span of up to 4m (max supported span 6m)
  • Self-mating interlocking joints
  • Specifically designed aluminium perimeter angles to suit flat or gable roof installations
  • Very light, weighing only 3.85 kg per m2
  • LED downlights available


If you want to know more about the benefits of an insulated ceiling for your alfresco area, please contact our alfresco design specialist: Letitia at Ultimate Alfresco