Letitia’s Tips – Three ways to prep your alfresco for Spring

Letitia’s Tips – Three ways to prep your alfresco for Spring

Spring is finally on its way and that means we all start to spend more time outdoors! But is your alfresco area ready for entertaining?

This month, Letitia shares three ways to prep your alfresco for Spring.

1. Maintenance time

Tip 1 - Maintenance of your patio

Maintenance is always an important aspect of keeping your alfresco looking fresh. If you haven’t had a chance to do any maintenance throughout winter, now is the perfect time to start.

There are four simple maintenance jobs you can do to prep your alfresco for Spring:

  1. Pressure clean your tiles, bricks, pavers and decking. This will wash away all the dirt and dust, cobwebs, rubbish and the garden debris that may have been blown in by the winds of winter.
  2. Wash your glass doors and windows. This will instantly add some shine and brighten up the alfresco space, as well as letting more light inside your home.
  3. Check your BBQ area. Has your barbeque been sitting un-used (and perhaps not cleaned off after it’s last use)? It’s time to give it a de-grease. And, while you’re there, top up your gas bottle and make sure it doesn’t have any leaks.
  4. Give your outdoor furniture a wipe down with a damp rag. This is a quick and easy way to get rid of any winter dirt and leaf accumulation. 

2. Visual freshen-up

Tip 2 - Pergola furniture

Give your pergola a visual freshen-up by updating the style, look and feel of your furniture and layout.

You could replace all your outdoor furniture and go for a big and dramatic visual change! Or, make small changes like adding an outdoor couch with bright, plump cushions to create a comfy feel. If comfy isn’t your style, then add some modern, sleek stools or a hanging egg chair for some visual impact.

Think about the space of your pergola and what you use the area for the most. Then rearrange your furniture to suit your needs. 

3. Add something special

Tip - Add a Louvretec Opening Roof

If you really want to add a WOW factor to your patio, then add a LouvreTec Opening Roof! As patio roofs go, they don’t get much better than this! (We think they don’t get any better.)

Not only are you adding a stunning architectural feature to your home, a LouvreTec Opening Roof is a practical addition to your home. At the touch of a button you can chill out in the shade or soak up the sun. You can even get your opening roof with inbuilt rain sensors and  LED lighting. It’s like turning your patio into another room of your home. 

Bonus tips

A look back to our January 2017 Four Tips to Freshen Up Your Alfresco.

If you’re looking to add spruce up your home for Spring contact Ultimate Alfresco to discuss your options.



Louvre opening roofs

Louvre opening roofs

Creating flexible alfresco’s

Louvre opening roofs, are not necessarily “new” in alfresco design, but they are becoming increasingly very popular. Why? Because more people are seeking flexibility with weather and light control in their alfresco areas.

So, what do louvre opening roofs offer you?

Here are three reasons:

1.   You control your alfresco environment

When you love being outside in summer, but the glare and heat from the sun is just too much, having an opening roof allows you to create shade, yet still let a breeze through (if there is one).

In winter, simply open up your louvre roof and angle it to allow the winter sun in but without the glare in your eyes.

2.   Reduce your energy consumption

Having the flexibility to better control your alfresco area means that you can reduce the summer heat. And that means you don’t need constant air conditioning.

In winter the reverse applies. Maximising the winter sun and creating a heat bank in your alfresco area reduces the energy required to heat your alfresco area

Therefore, no matter what time of year you are using your alfresco area, a louvre opening roof helps to reduce your energy consumption and therefore your electricity bill.

3.   A custom design to meet your alfresco needs

If you have an existing deck or pool area, a louvre opening roof can be designed to be “retro-fitted” and provide the type of cover you want. 

Alternatively, if you are building an alfresco area for your home, have a custom designed louvre opening roof included to create extra flexibility in how you use your alfresco.

No matter what size your alfresco area is, big or small, your louvre opening roof can be designed to maximise use – all year around

Want to know the technical details?

At Ultimate Alfresco, we have been using Louvretec opening roofs for a number of years and highly recommend them. 

Why Louvretec?

Louvretec offer a number of different opening roofs options, all with exceptional quality and capabilities.

  • Louvretec opening roofs are fully engineered and manufactured to the highest engineering standards and backed by an extensive warranty.
  • All aluminium louvres and extrusions used in Louvretec’s systems are manufactured in an ISO9002 quality assured environment to AS1866 & AS3902 standards.
  • Marine grade T316 stainless steel is used for the drive axles, with stainless steel componentry fixings being standard.
  • Plastic injected moulded componentry is all UV stabilised.
  • All Louvretec motorised systems are powered by leading brand Tubular motors. Both motors and controls are supported with five to seven-year warranties depending on the motor type.

You get an added design bonus as all the drive systems, motors and gearboxes are fully hidden. This creates clean lines for your alfresco area.

  • The Louvretec opening roofs use a spiral pivot system. This enables full 180º louvre rotation, which means you literally control the amount of sun or shade for your alfresco.

If you want the flexibility and benefits of a louvre opening roof for your alfresco area, contact Letitia, our alfresco design specialist.