Letitia’s Tips – Three ways alfresco areas add value to your home

Letitia’s Tips – Three ways alfresco areas add value to your home

Australia is made for outdoor living, so it is little wonder that alfresco areas have become sought-after additions in any property.

Homeowners see great value in adding beautiful outdoor spaces such as decking, patios and pergolas – and not just financial value.

This month, Letitia shares three ways an alfresco adds more than dollar value to your home.

1. Adding an outdoor area can enhance your lifestyle.

You can enjoy the outside of your home and make the most of your home life, whether it is :

  • creating a space for you to retreat to
  • creating a central hub for your family to spend time outdoors together or
  • adding an area to entertain friends and family.

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2. You get to enjoy your home, indoors and out, for the whole year!

Patios can be designed to create a beautiful space that offers shade and shelter in the hot Australian summers. The range of roofing options allows you to control the amount of sun and shade throughout Summer.

And in Winter, your alfresco are can provide comfort and warmth so you can still enjoy time outside. And there are plenty of design options to keep you warm.


3. Lower maintenance.

Choosing high-quality, durable products, that require minimum maintenance means your alfresco will look its best for years and you get to enjoy it for longer.

And, if you’re not a green thumb, adding an outdoor living area means less gardening and less garden maintenance.

And, a bonus tip!

If you are looking for a larger home, but really want to stay where you are because you:

  • like your neighbourhood and your neighbours
  • are established there
  • love your home

adding an alfresco area can be a more affordable option than moving home. And you get to stay in a home you love.

If you’re looking to add value to your home contact Ultimate Alfresco to discuss your options.