Design Inspiration May 2019

Design inspiration May 2019

Ultimate Alfresco Projects

This month’s Ultimate Alfresco Design Inspiration is a look back at some of our Projects of the Month.

We hope these designs inspire you to create your own outdoor space. 


If you live in the Albury Wodonga region and would like to discuss how to design and create a beautiful patio or pergola for your home, contact us today.

Project of the Month May 2019

Project of the Month May 2019


This client had privacy issues with their newly built custom home. Their upstairs area overlooked their neighbours private space and Council are (rightly so) quite strict on privacy.

Our client wanted to keep their views, natural light and feeling of openness on their upstairs areas and comply with council regulations in order to be able to move in.


We used a powder coated LouvreTec product to achieve these amazing results.

Visually they don’t detract from the beautiful lines of the home and we have kept it as seamless as possible through colour matching and also the size of the blades.

The client is thrilled with the result as it keeps the original design intent of the house in mind and ticks all of council’s boxes.

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Eleven planning questions to help you design your ultimate alfresco

Designing Your Ultimate Alfresco 

Eleven planning questions to get you started

Whether it’s starting from scratch, revamping your patio into a divine alfresco area or extending your outdoor entertaining area, you need a plan. 

To help get you started, here are eleven planning questions to consider before starting to design your ultimate alfresco.

Download a copy of these questions here.

    1. What is my alfresco area going to be used for? 
    2. Am I designing it for entertaining or for “me time”?
    3. How often do I plan to use my alfresco area?
    4. What time of day (morning, afternoon, evening or all the time) will I use my alfresco area the most? 
    5. What is the orientation of my alfresco area?
    6. Do I plan to use it all year round?
    7. How much maintenance am I prepared to do?
    8. Do I have trees overhanging that will drop leaves?
    9. Do I want my alfresco area to be weatherproof?
    10. Do I want flexible roofing and walls, or fixed structures?
    11. What look and feel do I like in designs?

By answering these questions you should get a clear picture of what you want your outdoor space to look like. And, how you want it to function. 

If you are considering adding an alfresco to your home and need inspiration and help with understanding your options feel free to contact our alfresco specialist for further advice.

Building your dream custom patio

Building your dream custom patio

There is a big difference between a custom patio and an “off the shelf” patio.

A custom design means your outdoor area is unique to your home and your patio looks and feels like an integral part of your home.

An “off the shelf” patio is usually a simple square or straight forward rectangle that can end up looking tacked onto your home.

With a custom patio, you have direct input to what you want and like. And working with specialist custom alfresco designers means you can end up with the patio of your dreams.

At Ultimate Alfresco, Letitia, our Alfresco Specialist, spends time with you to take your ideas and create a patio that will suit your home. This means looking at all the options while working with what you are envisioning.

A custom patio works with your home, so it can include different styles to work with the features of your existing home, like swimming pools or landscaping and working with you to get the design you want.

What to Consider

Here are the top four things to consider when designing the ideal patio for your outdoor area

There are other things you can consider when designing your patio.


When it comes to what your patio is built with, you have a number of options:

  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Colourbond
  • Aluminium
  • Brick
  • And more…

And you don’t have to use just one of the materials, you can mix it up by combining materials in your custom design.

Future needs

Your outdoor area can incorporate more than your patio. Therefore, thinking about future additions is important. Do you want to add an outdoor kitchen? Perhaps you will need blinds? Or you may want to add a pool one day.

It is important to make sure your patio is designed to be able to incorporate these extra features later, without impacting too much on your current patio.


Dependent on which materials you choose for your patio, your colour selection can certainly make or break your new outdoor area.

The colour you choose will add to the appearance and can be a feature in its own right.

You can choose colours for almost every area of your custom patio, from posts to gutters to the roof and flooring. Letitia, our Alfresco Specialist works with you to help guide you through the decision making.

To discuss your custom patio, pergola or alfresco design options, contact Ultimate Alfresco today.

The top four things to consider when designing the ideal patio for your outdoor area

The top four things to consider when designing the ideal patio for your outdoor area

Designing the ideal patio for your home can be challenging as there are so many aspects to consider.

To help you design your dream patio here are the top four things to consider:

1. You, the owner

Having been designing and building patios for years here at Ultimate Alfresco means we have a wealth of experience. It also means that we have the knowledge to provide options for you to help you design your ideal patio.

Ultimately, though, it is your home. And as the home owner you will see the patio every day. What we will do is offer advice based on what you describe and what you want to achieve.

We do this by asking you what you want out of your ideal patio. And then we help make that idea come to life for you.

2. The size and use of your outdoor area

When designing your ideal patio, it’s important to think about the area you want to have covered.

Plus, think about what outdoor furniture you will be using, whether you will have a bbq or outdoor kitchen, and how you will use your outdoor area.  

By taking into account the size and use you can make sure your outdoor furniture and the layout is the right fit and design and fills the patio area appropriately.

3. Designing your patio

Designing your patio is important, not only for the overall look but how it will flow with your home. 

Your patio design can reflect your personality, help add privacy from neighbours and create a practical yet beautiful outdoor area.  And a custom design means your outdoor area is unique to your home and your patio looks and feels like an integral part of your home.

4. Roof options

There are a variety of roofing options you can choose. From louvred roofs to insulated roof panels to open arbours to glass roofs. Think about what type of flexibility you want from your patio and if you want a roof that will integrate with your home. You can read about our four favourite roofing options here.

To discuss your patio, pergola or alfresco design options, contact Ultimate Alfresco today.